about me

Welcome to 'That Looks Great', and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

My name is Ria, I'm English, I'm 27 and I'm in the delicate "oh what will I do with my life? boredom! depression! despair!" stage of my life. I've decided to take a more positive approach to 2014, and starting a blog to share the things that I enjoy and to record happy moments and memories seemed like a good idea.

If you particularly wanted to know anything else about me, here are five random facts and five random things I love:

Random Facts
  1. My eyes are slightly different colours (in a 'pretty' rather than an 'alarming' way)
  2. I hate peanuts with a fiery passion. In fact, I hate most nuts
  3. I studied Politics and Japanese at University
  4. I lived in Japan for a year, and mostly wish I still did
  5. I'm on the Atkins Diet, which is a barrel of laughs
Random Things I Love
  1. Sunshine. I shrivel up in SADS depression in winter. Sunshine brings me back to life
  2. Kabanos. I eat them for breakfast pretty much every day (go Atkins!)
  3. Soap & Glory products. Any and all of them. I stock pile them and covet them like Gollum
  4. The game app 'Line Bubble'. Oh, you haven't played? Don't. It's like Japanese 'Candy Crush Saga', and you will get addicted
  5. Matching sets of things. This applies to everything - stationery, make up bags, socks, ornaments - I love a matching set

I'm sure you all want to be my best friend now!

Much love,

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