Monday, 17 March 2014

Beyoncé in London - Mrs Carter World Tour Review

Hi everyone!

I have been really busy in the last few weeks with exams and a project at work, so my poor blog has suffered from a serious lack of attention. So I will be doing a few posts this week to make up for it!

We're going to start with a review of Beyoncé's concert in London on March 2nd...


Oh Beyoncé... where to begin. I managed to get three tickets through sheer, unrelenting determination the morning they went on sale, and time flew from then until the concert. I saw her on Sunday 2nd March at the London O2 Area, and our seats were at the very, very back (literally, the arena wall was behind us) to the left of the stage.

That was a LONG way away from the stage! When squinting, you could just about make Beyoncé out.

Excitingly, Jay Z performed 'Drunk in Love' with her, which was one of the best bits. You may be able to make the happy couple out in the first photo...

The set list went something like this:



Get Me Bodied

Baby Boy






Drunk in Love (with Jay Z!!!!)

I Was Here

I Will Always Love You


Every time I see Beyoncé perform I'm overwhelmed with the need to get fit and DANCE. No one and nothing else in this world makes me want to dance like watching Beyoncé. I go into a kind of semi-trance and begin to dribble watching her move. I wonder if joining the Zumba class at the gym would satisfy my Beyoncé urges? I suspect not...

Her voice was flawless, the dancing was fabulous and the set design (what I could make out from the eaves) was pretty slick too. Whilst the concert was a full two hours long, I was a little disappointed that she performed very short "clips" of some of the songs, like 'Crazy In Love' whilst spending quite a lot of time on ones like 'Why Don't You Love Me'. But that is a really minor criticism, and the rest of the night was great.

My Beyoncé dance-fever-madness did convince me that it was a sound investment to buy a black jumper emblazoned with SURFBOARD in big pink letters on the way out. For £50. That's obscene! It's literally a £5 sweatshop fleece lined boxy jumper with a word printed on the front. But I love it and don't care, haha.


Well, that just about sums up my Beyoncé experience! I had a blast, I'm so happy that I managed to get tickets. I would absolutely pay £250,000 to have her perform at my wedding. If she let me choose the set list...

Much Love! Got to go... more posts to write!



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  1. Ahh I'd love to see Queen B live. *_*


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