Sunday, 2 February 2014

Payday shopping trip

So it wasn't my intention for my first two posts to both be about spending money on myself, but that's how it's panned out so let's run with it!

I went to Westfield White City this morning with my Mum, who is an excellent shopping partner (stops me making too many insane impulse purchases). I only had one objective for this trip, which was to find a purse with loads of room for cards. Cards seem to be multiplying in my purse at the moment. It's funny, I remember when I was much younger watching my Mum open her bulging purse, then looking down at my tiny thing with a library card in it and thinking "wow, I wish I had more stuff to fill mine with". I take it back!

So! What did I buy?

I found the purse I wanted in Cath Kidston. They are running 20% student discount this week, so I saved a little money on it. Having since stuffed it full of everything I need, it weighs a tonne. Definitely not one for a small handbag. They didn't have this style in many patterns, so I opted for a light floral one:
Whilst I was in Cath Kidston, I also bought this cute pen, as I am physically incapable of leaving that shop with less than two items.

There was a terrifying foray into Lush at some point, which is all a bit of a blur. It was teeming with mothers buying their young daughters bath bombs whilst making a fuss about the prices and looking a bit overwhelmed by it all. I can only assume that Lush has recently gained legions of newly devoted young fans from all the great press it gets from bloggers. I myself would never have stepped foot in one were it not for Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter extolling the virtues of bath bombs... what do you think? Has it always been that popular? Do enlighten me.

Anyway I managed to shove some children out of the way to grab a mango bath melt, a love locket and a melting marshmallow melt (which is apparently for children, haha).

 Since I'm losing weight at the moment, I'm trying really hard not to buy any clothes or it feels like I'm just wasting money on "transition pieces" that won't fit for long. However I am a compulsive shopper and forced myself to some treats in M&S by justifying them cleverly as "for the gym" and "for work".

For the gym I chose a couple of t-shirts, which were a massive rip off but a lot smarter than my current selection, and a pair of loose kind of yoga pants, all from this collection. Plus some trainer socks.

For work, I got such a lovely skirt suit and two smart short sleeved tops. Bear in mind that I wear jeans and slippers to the office, and you get an idea of what a stretching treating myself to these items "for work" is. I won't both with photos of any of it, as I suspect M&S clothes aren't the most interesting thing to read about?

Though I will mention my Rosie silk pajamas because they're so disgustingly gorgeous - much like Rosie herself. I have literally only just discovered how much I love sleeping in silk, and these are just divine. Definitely a winter-only thing for me though, I wake up absolutely boiling in them.

Ahh, Boots. Boots how I love thee. I could literally spend hours in Boots, just staring at everything. It is a spiritual haven to me. A sanctuary. Having recently audited my inventory of lotions and potions however, I exercised extreme restraint in not grabbing a basket and piling it high with my various favourites and irresistible new things. I did coerce my mother into trying a Bumble and bumble hair creme though, as she's heard me rave about the thickening hairspray and the tonic which I use together before blow drying my hair.

So I treated myself to the hairdresser's invisible oil, which at £31 for a tiny bottle had better be bloody brilliant. I'll let you know how I get on with it. I just checked how much it costs at Sephora in the US - $38. We are so brutally ripped off when it comes to American brands in the UK. Adding this to my "stock up in Florida this summer" list.

I really didn't buy anything else of much note (was any of this of note?) We didn't go into many shops actually, I think we were mostly there to have some lovely mother-daughter time. When I choose a suitably light and tidy space to take photos - and find my camera - I will do some further reporting. Thinking about taking photos of what I eat. That's a thing, right?

Much love,


  1. I love that purse - super cute :-) Great post!

  2. The purse is gorgeous and I love the floral print.
    xx, Michelle

  3. I love the purse, such a cute print!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award and this was the best way to contact you. Check out my blog for details of the Award and what to do.

    1. Hi Shell - your questions have been answered! x

  4. I wish we had Boots in Spain!
    By the way, loving the purse!

  5. Those bath melts look amazing!

    x x


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