Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My January Favourites

Hi everyone,

Firstly I must give a masive thank you to everyone who has followed me on Bloglovin', read my posts and most of all left such lovely comments. I really appreciate every single one of you taking the time, and you've all made me a very enthusiastic first time blogger. Special thanks to everyone who gave me their advice about cameras - I feel much better informed now. Any decision I make, you'll know about it here first!

So, onto the things I've loved in January:

January Favourites

I started The Atkins Diet on the 27th December 2013, with a kind of devout dedication and rampant enthusiasm that I didn't realise I was capable of, bearing in mind my fervent love of food. I haven't had a single solitary "bad" carb since that day, and I am feeling so much better already. I will do a full post about my diet, but it has dominated my January so deserved a mention here.

2. The Dogeared 'Light as a Feather' bracelet

Occasionally I am partial to a kind of mutant hybrid of OCD and superstition. I decided that putting this bracelet on on the first day of my diet and then not taking it off until I had reached my goal weight was an excellent idea.

3. Rosie for Autograph silk pajamas

What the hell are these. They are absurd. I've never had silk pajamas before, but I bought these with 20% off just out of curiosity and I am a changed woman now. The Autograph range is the bit of M&S I like when I need something grown up and smart to wear, and all of the Rosie Huntington-Whitely nightwear is absolutely divine. If you want some gorgeous new underwear or pajamas, I can't recommend it highly enough.

4. Bumble and bumble invisible hairdressers oil

This technically shouldn't feature until February, as you might remember I only just bought it, but it is so good that it is sneaking in now. You put the tiniest amount in damp or dry hair and it shines like the sun and softens every strand. Minimal effort, maximum result! That's what I like.

Run yourself a bath. Drop one of these in. Die and go to heaven.

6. Essie nail varnishes

Since Feel Unique have cocked up and failed to send my new Tanya Burr nail polishes yet, I'm passing time with my Essie collection. Particularly enjoying 'Bahama Mama' as pictured. I don't think they're the best nail varnishes in the world - the hype they get is a little over the top. I think the varnish itself is pretty good, but the applicator is a little to pointy and narrow for my taste.

7. Yankee Candle in 'Bermuda Beach'

Yes, that's not the right picture. Forgive me some artistic licence. Now historically I have NOT been a lover of candles. However, after giving this one a sniff in Asda and instantly becoming so addicted that I get stressed when I haven't lit it for a while, I am undertaking a new voyage into candle appreciation territory. I am slightly distressed that I can't 'Bermuda Beach' on the website now... maybe 'Pink Sands' is the same? This is de rigour for me - find something I love, can't buy it.

8. Rimmel 'Match Perfection' foundation

Thanks to Tanya Burr for yet another stonking high street bargain product recommendation. I'm not best friends with foundation. My poor skin certainly needs help, but liquid foundation particularly makes me look like a melting clown. This one is doing an adequate job so far though at alleviating the worst symptoms of clown face, as long as I keep it topped up with powder.

9. Seche Vite 'Rebuild' formula

Since I paint my nails religiously at least once a week, they take a real caning. Since I bought this base coat after Christmas they have been slightly stronger, though I urgently need to give them a couple of clean weeks to recover. Maybe I'll lay off painting them til my mini Tanyas arrive.

10. Mac lipstick in 'Patisserie'

I do not make a habit of wearing lipstick. I have thin lips and a pale face, so anything dark on my lips looks like a bleeding slit in a snowman's face. This Mac lipstick, however, matches my natural tones perfectly, and smells utterly divine. Do all Mac lippies smell so good? I just want to eat it.

And that concludes my review of my favourite things from January 2014! I've added some links in since I originally posted this, as my poor laptop wouldn't co operate with me last night.

What were your favourites last month?

Much love,


  1. Is the foundation THAT good? Because people love it more than the wake me up foundation and now I don't know which one to pick, agh!

    I love yankee candles... they're amazing. Sadly in Spain they don't sell them so I have to buy them on the internet!

    My favourites were... definitely my Chanel lipstick and my naked palette. A must! Can't go out without them :) x

    1. Hmm, honestly yes - for the price it is a pretty decent foundation. I have the oiliest skin ever and when I first put it on it's a bit shiny. I wouldn't wear it without a powder on top. I would say it was good for light coverage but I don't think you could layer it up without going orange.

      You need to leave Spain! No Candles, no Boots... but you have a lot of much nicer things to compensate. I am going to buy all three Naked palettes in America this summer. I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't own at least one of them! x

  2. I have the same "lip problems" as you, I'll give that lipstick a go =D x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Aimee :-) I'm glad you liked it x

  4. Aghhh I really want a Mac lipstick and that one looks nice :D I have the same problem where I'm really pale and have thinish lips. Great post :D x

    1. Thank you, Iz! I also bought 'Hug Me', which I thought would be quite a good nude, but it is a little too brown for the extreme paleness of my face. I bought 'Ri Ri Woo' too, by mistake, which is the most gorgeous red. Also smells delicious, also makes me look like The Joker. x

  5. Those Marshmallow Moments look amazing!

    1. Omg Emma, they are. No bubbles or fizz, just silky pink water that makes your skin ultra soft and leaves you smelling lovely x

  6. I love that bracelet, it is so cute!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I can't remember my wrist without it now. x

  7. I love the melting moments too :) lovely post!

    K x


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