Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cameras, photos and films - advise required!

Hi everyone,

I hope you've all had a great start to the week? Mine has been pretty mediocre, but at least there's scope for things to improve. So! I would like to buy a new camera. I have some concrete requirements:

  • I don't want one that will be difficult to use, e.g. has lots of bits I need to screw on and off and hundreds of settings and options to choose from
  • It needs to take great quality photos without me having to stand still and aim without moving a millimeter (not good at this)
  • It needs to record HD videos
  • The format it records to must be easy for me to get from the camera into a nice user-friendly editing programme that preferably doesn't cost a fortune
I have already decided to buy an iMac as a birthday present to myself (May 6th, if you'd like to treat me instead) so this is what I would be using to play with my photos and videos.

This is "top end" sort of camera I'd be willing to buy, a Canon EOS 600D:

But then I think, will I really use this camera? I did have a burning desire to make YouTube videos, but that isn't really at the top of my agenda at this time. I think it's something I would like to do later in the year. So should I rush to spend all this money on a camera?

I think I will end up getting this much cheaper standard Samsung camera, the WB800F:

I think that's a more appropriate choice for my current needs? Presumably I can edit any footage I do end up filming in exactly the same way as from a more expensive camera. Plus I still don't have a decent space for photos or filming, lighting, tripods, my new computer, etc... I think I may be trying to run before I can walk here!

I think I'll stick my mission to buy a camera on the back-burner for now. I have a perfectly adequate Canon point and shoot that there's nothing wrong with, I will stick to that until the need arises to upgrade. In the mean time I will keep saving money for my iMac.

Ahh, thank you blog for helping me reach this important decision.

What camera do you use? Do you have any recommendations or thoughts? I'd love to hear them, please let me know.

Much love,


  1. Mmmmm. I'm a Nikon girl so I'd highly recommend Nikon D3100 or the upgraded version D3200 and both record in HD. They're pretty good for HQ pictures and such. If I had the money, those would be the ones I'd be buying for sure :)


    1. Thanks Crissy, I really appreciate the tip! I have no idea where to begin, so it's really helpful to get your opinion. I keep changing my mind about whether I should take the plunge and buy one... x

    2. My pleasure Ria! The Canon is good - don't get me wrong - but I'm a Nikon girl! I'm sure you will make the right choice! x

  2. The Canon EOS 600 is also my favorite one!
    A friend of mine have it and her pictures are awesome, so as soon I have the money I will go and buy one, too :D

    1. Thanks Danueli... ahh I have too many options now! Even trying to choose between three things is too hard for me x

  3. I bought the Canon EOS Rebel T3 and my pictures are pretty good. Check out the last pictures I took with it on my blog. They look very sharp! It is all about the lighting, you must have good lighting. Natural light is best, and I'm working on my indoor lighting right now. My new lens is the EF 50mm 1:1.8 lens,it is simply the best at $100 on Amazon. From my experience I want to learn more before diving into a hire end camara. I love mine. Hope this helps.


    1. Thank you Tania - your pictures are indeed pretty good! I had no idea how expenses lenses were though. Poor ignorant woman that I am! x

  4. Hey lovely, I think you need to buy a camera that suits your needs. If you're not too into photography then a standard compact camera is great and simple and easy! (also cheaper) However if you want to grow in photography knowledge and start shooting manual and investing more time and money into the hobby then an SLR camera such as the 600D is great. I started off with the 600D and worked my way up - its a great camera if you have the time and money to invest into it. It's also great for video.

    Sam // samanthaheather.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Sam, thank you for you comment and advice - the 600D is definitely coming out with the most encouraging reviews! x

  5. I am not exactly sure on an exact camera to use but I would suggest staying away from digital cameras because in my opinion and experience these don't last very long, maybe a couple of years max. I think it would be worth buying a more expensive camera as this is more like a long term investment and even if you didn't do YouTube videos are blogs etc, you could still use this camera to take pictures of your family or vacations etc. It would definately not go to waste but it would just last a substantial amount of time compared to a digital camera. This is just my opinion so if I am wrong please feel free to correct me!


    1. Thank you Shelby, this is a really helpful opinion that I definitely agree with! x

  6. OK, my terribly 'expert' advice:

    If you want to do beauty videos, I think iMac will set you for a while as from what I've read it's got a pretty nice built-in camera? I know very little about macs, sorry. To do video editing, especially HD, you'd need a pretty powerful computer (mine's a slightly older model, for example, and it lags admirably when I try to edit something). So I think you're making a good decision, putting the camera on the backburner and investing into a computer first. And then maybe lighting.

    To do video filming with a camera -- again, I'm assuming we're talking about beauty vids here -- you'd need a tripod, so automatically add that to the list of your camera expenses. Another thing that's important for a one-woman filming/ photog operation is a remote. And when you purchase SD cards, make sure their speed class is high. Lower ones will work for photos, but they'll buffer and stop when you do vid recording. I read online that 6 will work, but in my experience it doesn't. I'd go for 10.

    If you're just starting with photography, I honestly think it doesn't matter what camera you use. Many professionals will rightfully disagree with me, but I think before you start with aperture/ exposure/ DOF/ ISO/ all that motherjazz, you need to learn the rules of composition. And that can be done with any camera, including the one built into your phone, if yours has it, or any old digital (or film -- if you have money for continual film development of many, many awkward shots) camera you've got lying around.

    You don't need any special tools to learn composition. Just look at your favourite blogs or instagram accounts, see what works for you and what doesn't. Maybe pick up a book on drawing, and read all you can on the subj.

    The next thing you should learn about is the aforementioned lighting. And while you do that, you'll begin picking up all the terms mentioned above, what they mean, how they affect your picture, etc., etc.

    Another thing, when you get a 'grown-up camera', unless you're buying something called 'kit', you're only getting a camera body. Meaning, until you get a lens, you can't take any pictures. And lenses is where the true expense eventually begins. There are so many lenses out there, and they all do very different things and serve different purposes.

    That said, I have an EOS 600D, which I bought in a kit together with an 18-55mm lens, and I love it so much, I honestly kiss it good night every time I put it away for the day.

    I wrote a novel. I'm sorry!

    1. Alex thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write such a helpful comment. I appreciate it so much! I am the sort of person who'd kiss my new camera good night too, so I agree that it is important to invest in something I really want rather than waste my money. Thank you so much for the tip re: high speed SD cards too, I was wondering what the difference was! x

  7. I absolutely adore my EOS 600D which I got from amazon on discount in a little bundle with 2 lenses. It really is out of this world. Both for pictures, and videos. I'd recommend it over and over and over again.

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // Youtube // Lime Crime Giveaway

    1. Ooh you got it with two lenses? I need to look out for this bundle. The EOS 600D is winning a lot of votes. I'm going to go and watch some of your videos a) because I know they'll be lovely and b) for a sneak peak at what the camera can do! x


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